You examined my heart and Lord you know me

There’s no use pretending, You see right through me

You know where I am, You see all I do
Lord you’re never sleeping

You know all my words before I speak

You see where I stand and what I seek

You know if I’m laughing or if I’m crying 

Lord you’re never sleeping


There’s no place I can hide from Your love
I can only survive trough Your love
Show me somewhere to go, a place You don’t know

To cover my soul

On the wings of the dawn I might fly

To the ends of the earth beyond the sky

I could go anywhere but You’d always be there
Wherever I go

Lord You know when I sit and when I stand

Each moment I live I’m in your hands
I can’t get away from your sweet spirit

Lord, your never sleeping

Long before I was born
Your eyes could see me

You knew all my days before they’d ever reach me

So come what may, I know You’ll be there

Lord You’re never sleeping


I’m surrounded…
Love is never sleeping


I could go anywhere but you’d always be there

Wherever I go