But God

I was standing in a blazing fire;
surely I could not be saved.
My hope was lost, my friends were gond;
I could not find a way.
Yes, I knew I’d come to the very end,
and strength could not be found.
Just like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego,
there was fire all around.

But God, He was for me
But God gave me the victory,
came on the scene, and rescued me from the miry clay.
For God He is greater, my All and my Savior.
Though I may see a mountain in my way,
I can say, but God!

I was drowning in a raging flood,
the waters covered me.
I had lost the pow’r to raise my head;
I was swallowed by the sea,
the sea of the impossible, the sea of satan’s lies.
Just like Jonah thought he would surely drown, I was certain I would die.


But God can take a hopeless life and bring the victory
Yeah, just like Paul was on the road when God’s pow’r intervened
Oh, He can turn a life around; tat power’s still the same
though it may seem impossible today